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Physical Therapy 12124 High Tech Avenue Orlando FL 32817 (407) 680-0819Do you need physical therapy in Orlando, FL to recover from a sports injury?  Then dial (407) 680-0819 to reach Select Physical Therapy, a leading provider of sports medicine treatments to aid injured athletes through the entire recovery process.  You’ll work with a sports injury specialist able to provide one-on-one attention to speed your safe injury recovery.

Working with your hands, especially typing and other similar tasks, is a leading cause of carpal tunnel syndrome.  If your hands and wrists hurt, consider seeing a hand therapist able to provide relief from this often debilitating pain.  One call to our Orlando physical therapy center gets you care from physical therapists specializing in hand therapy.

Our entire staff is dedicated to improving your physical health and overall well-being.  You can come to us for chronic health problems, including geriatric physical therapy for arthritis and TMJ dysfunction treatments for lower jaw pain or get in-depth occupational therapy and work-injury rehab, all with one call.  Do you have to use a knee brace after surgery?  We offer orthotics therapy if you’re experiencing any pain with these or other braces.

Choosing the right provider of physical therapy in Orlando, FL is easier than one may think.  Select Physical Therapy is ready to provide complete physical rehab for injury and everyday pain.  Call (407) 680-0819 for an appointment today.

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Physical Therapy in Orlando, FL
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