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Dema Rehab & Injury Clinic 7758 Wallace Road Orlando FL (407) 915-4638Do you need a chiropractor in Orlando, FL? If so, you can dial (407) 915-4638 to speak with Dema Rehab & Injury Clinic about how we can assist you. For spinal alignment and personal injury treatment from a dependable clinic, get in touch with our professionals today.

If you have been living with the daily discomforts of back pain and other physical ailments, our Orlando chiropractor is here to offer you reliable solutions for these and other issues. Our mission is to find you pain relief that restores your body back to its best health, and we do this by helping your musculoskeletal system stay aligned so your body can function at its best. If you are suffering from spinal subluxation, we can help you work to restore the misaligned portions of your body to ensure relief from back pain. We also can treat symptoms like headaches and even anxiety with our chiropractic adjustments as well, so you can count on our team for a wide range of services.

Be sure to contact our company at (407) 915-4638 whenever you need a chiropractor in Orlando, FL. At Dema Rehab & Injury Clinic, you can receive the chiropractic care you want at an affordable price. Call us today to set up a consultation and learn how we can help your body heal.

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Chiropractor in Orlando, FL
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