Vet in Onalaska, WI

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Vet 1231 Crossing Meadows Onalaska WI 54650 (608) 406-4985A personable vet in Onalaska, WI can be reached by dialing (608) 406-4985, the number for Van Loon Animal Hospital. Look to us for general or emergency veterinary care from a caring team of pet wellness experts. Along with routine preventive care, we offer treatments for injuries and illnesses, including veterinary surgery.
Let us perform pet dental cleanings on animals that are showing signs of tartar buildup on their teeth. We also offer veterinary vaccinations, which can effectively protect pets against various forms of diseases. Other routine services offered by our veterinary clinic include spaying and neutering procedures. Pets are always treated with care and respect at our clinic, and we will do our best to make them feel comfortable during routine visits.
We make it easy to keep track of pets by offering animal microchipping. This involves implanting a trackable microchip that also serves as a unique form of digital identification. You can also turn to our Onalaska vet for help with flea control and other parasite treatments. We make veterinary house calls, so remember to ask us to come to you if you have limited mobility. 
Call a friendly vet in Onalaska, WI by dialing (608) 406-4985 for Van Loon Animal Hospital. Make us your first choice when seeking out help with veterinary dentistry, immunizations, and surgical procedures. Our staff will be happy to take your call, so pick up the phone and give us a ring.

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Vet in Onalaska, WI
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