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Physical Therapy 3300 Olney Sandy Spring Road Olney MD (301) 476-1592Reach out to Physiotherapy Associates for physical therapy in Olney, MD if you’re dealing with injury pain.  Dialing (301) 476-1592 will put you in touch with a team of physical therapists ready to design an injury rehab plan to fit your individual needs and strengths.  Do you suffer from carpal tunnel pain?  We have a certified hand therapist on staff to help with this and any other hand or wrist problems.

When it comes to sports injuries, you’ll want them treated properly in order to get back to the game you love to play.  If you’re hurt in practice or a game, you should seek help from Olney physical therapy specialists at an advanced sports medicine clinic.  Give our sports injury specialists a call for orthopedic care and other injury rehabilitation services.

No matter why you’re in pain, our staff is dedicated to helping you end it.  Our therapists have over 25 years of experience offering workers comp rehab services to help you recover and get back on the job along with neuro rehabilitation for serious spine injuries.  Was your kid hurt playing?  We offer pediatric physical therapy to help with injuries and many developmental concerns.

Where you call for physical therapy in Olney, MD is important.  Physiotherapy Associates offers one-on-one attention to help our patients recover from minor or severe injuries.  Call us at (301) 476-1592 and set your initial appointment today.

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Physical Therapy in Olney, MD
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