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Physical Therapy 1315 Fountain Drive Olathe KS 66061 (913) 667-9925Obtain better wellness care through physical therapy in Olathe, KS by contacting the knowledgeable physical therapists at Select Physical Therapy. With one call to (913) 667-9925 you can obtain superior physical rehabilitation services from qualified physiotherapists in your local area. We establish proactive treatment protocols that include manual therapy and sports medicine to demonstrate our commitment to patient focused care.
Our physical therapists understand that no two patients have the same orthopedic rehabilitation needs, and focus their attention on treating your unique condition. Whether you require workers comp rehabilitation or lymphedema therapy, our Olathe physical therapy team are motivated to help you achieve your individual goals. We learn about your particular situation to create custom treatments that combine proper healing with acute pain management.
Even when you are adept at physical training, physical rehabilitation can be difficult without the help and support of qualified physical therapists. Our clinicians understand how best to reestablish your health through appropriate levels of therapeutic exercise and manual therapy. Our training techniques are designed to target weakened muscles and sustain higher levels of acute pain management.  
Entrust your physical recovery to an established team of professionals by making a connection with Select Physical Therapy. Place a call to (913) 667-9925 for proper physical therapy in Olathe, KS. Connecting with a team of experts is essential to rebuilding your health. Improve your health and vigor by scheduling an appointment with our facility today.

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Physical Therapy in Olathe, KS
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