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Tutor 1710 Belle Isle Blvd Ste G Oklahoma City OK 73118 (385) 355-3791Want to know what help you will get from a tutor in Oklahoma City, OK?Then call Sylvan Learning Center at (385) 355-3791 to witness our certified tutoring services in action. We offer a state-of-the-art learning center and the industry’s finest tutors to help your child, so contact us now to schedule your free consultation.

Stop your child’s educational slide with private tutoring. With individualized attention by a trained and certified instructor, your child will excel in areas where they have previously failed. Recognizing the disappointment and shame that often accompany the inability to read, our reading tutor will help your child develop these missing skills. With an attitude for success and the right math tutor, your child can learn how to master their grade’s mathematical concepts.

Our tutoring center helps students from Pre-K, all the way through high school years. With flexible hours, including evenings and week-ends, we teach improved study habits and skills. Our tutors can introduce your student to test preparation techniques to guarantee success. For instance, with our ACT prep and SAT prep courses, your child will earn the higher scores necessary for college entrance. Plus, for those who want to earn a GED instead, we even have a trained GED tutor on staff.

Your child will excel with our certified tutor in Oklahoma City, OK. All you have to do is call (385) 355-3791  to reach Sylvan Learning Center. After your first visit, you will have wished you had called our facility sooner.

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Tutor in Oklahoma City, OK
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