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Physical Therapy 1215 Annapolis Road Odenton MD (410) 881-7215End the search for sports injury physical therapy in Odenton, MD with a quick call to (410) 881-7215.  NovaCare Rehabilitation is staffed by a team of sports injury specialists ready to provide care for a wide range of musculoskeletal injuries.  Did you sustain a concussion in a game?  Contact us for concussion specific injury rehabilitation programs today.

Serious sports injuries need to be treated properly if you want to recover fully, especially in young and developing children.  If your kid is hurt in a game or practice, you’ll want to find a sports medicine clinic able to offer comprehensive pediatric physical therapy to help your kid rehab properly.  One call to our Odenton physical therapy center puts you in touch with physical therapists able to help kids with all sorts of injuries.

Our goal is to offer personal attention to each patient to determine the best treatments for your individual situation.  We can offer neuro rehabilitation to aid with stroke recovery or offer vestibular rehabilitation to help anyone suffering from imbalance issues.  Are you beginning to feel the pains of aging?  Ask about geriatric physical therapy to effectively manage your daily aches and pains by calling us now.

The only call you should make for physical therapy in Odenton, MD is to NovaCare Rehabilitation.  Our therapists will help you recover fully from sports, work or accidental injuries.  Dial (410) 881-7215 to learn all about our therapy options today.

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Physical Therapy in Odenton, MD
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