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Physical Therapy 4710 W 95th Street Oak Lawn IL (708) 402-8948You can get comprehensive physical therapy in Oak Lawn, IL to rehabilitate from work-related injuries by dialing (708) 402-8948.  At NovaCare Rehabilitation, we focus on providing a personalized workers comp rehab program designed to aid you in recovering quickly and safely from injury.  We’ll help you through any injury as well as offer work conditioning and injury prevention training to help you avoid further problems.

Many people suffer from some type of chronic musculoskeletal condition or pain that can make getting through the day very difficult.  If you suffer from TMJ or vertigo, it helps if you can find an Oak Lawn physical therapy provider able to treat these and other chronic health problems.  We offer TMJ dysfunction treatments, vestibular rehabilitation and many other treatments for chronic pain.

Here you will find a team of physical therapists dedicated to providing the care you require to rehabilitate injuries properly.  We can provide sports medicine therapies to aid athletes of all ages along with aid recovering from accident-related injuries too.  Are you hiring for a hard labor job?  We provide physical fitness screenings to ensure the people you want to hire are capable of doing the work.

Make the right call for physical therapy in Oak Lawn, IL with one quick call to NovaCare Rehabilitation.  We’ll provide one-on-one therapy to help you to a speedy recovery.  Call us at (708) 402-8948 to reach our therapists now.

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  • Physical Therapy
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Physical Therapy in Oak Lawn, IL
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