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Tutor 380 Se Pioneer Way Ste 101 Oak Harbor WA 98277 (352) 289-0080A dedicated tutor in Oak Harbor, WA from Sylvan Learning Center can be contacted by dialing (352) 289-0080. From enlisting the help of our reading tutor to improve your child’s reading and comprehension, to having our math tutor help your kid become a high achiever in advanced mathematics, our private tutoring services can help your kid realize their true academic potential. Call us today to get your child started in a personalized tutoring program.

How did we become the nation’s most trusted tutoring center? Our Oak Harbor tutors start by giving your child an assessment so we can see where they are compared to national standards in reading, writing and math. Not only do we evaluate their grade level, we also assess their attitudes and habits towards learning so we can create a personal learning plan based on your child’s most specific needs.

Do you have a student who is great in understanding his lessons but becomes nervous and blacks out during actual tests? Then contact us about our test prep programs. We will help your kid adapt effective study habits to help them retain information during actual exams. We even offer SAT prep and ACT prep services to give your college bound teen an edge when taking that entrance test to get into a good college.

We all want the best for our child, and by having Sylvan Learning Center by your side, you are giving your child a better chance of achieving their academic goals while boosting their confidence. Speak with a member of Sylvan Learning Center by dialing (352) 289-0080 now. Don’t forget to ask about our GED tutor in Oak Harbor, WA if you are looking into earning a high school equivalency credential. 

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Tutor in Oak Harbor, WA
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