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Physical Therapy 39885 Grand River Avenue Novi MI 48375 (248) 939-8685Increase your strength and endurance with physical therapy in Novi, MI by placing a call to (248) 939-8685 to begin the recovery process. Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists is a qualified wellness clinic offering progressive physical rehabilitation programs to improve post-injury healing. Our physical therapists create customized treatment plans for various conditions and ailments that balance muscle building with acute pain relief.  
Are you struggling to complete activities of daily living due to an inner ear defect? Vestibular rehabilitation is a specialized Novi physical therapy service designed to alleviate primary and secondary symptoms of inner ear disorders. Our physical therapists can improve balance by using specialized gait training techniques and therapeutic exercise programs.
Along with vestibular therapy, our facility offers orthopedic rehabilitation services to restore range of motion and reduce musculoskeletal pain. Our treatments may include series of manual therapy to increase blood flow and facilitate natural healing. If you are experiencing pain in the hip, foot, or lower back, consult with our expertly trained clinicians for customized orthotics therapy.
Complete a personalized physical rehabilitation program by connecting with knowledgeable professionals from a reputable facility known for outstanding wellness care. Connect with Plymouth Physical Therapy Specialists at (248) 939-8685 to obtain high quality physical therapy in Novi, MI straightaway. Take the time to contact our office today to learn more about our sports medicine program.

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Physical Therapy in Novi, MI
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