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Vet 123 W Cedar St Norwalk, CT 06854 (203) 807-8923Get in touch with a vet in Norwalk, CT day or night by dialing (203) 807-8923.  VCA Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center is a full service animal hospital able to provide 24-hour emergency veterinary care for dogs, cats and other pets.  Whether your dog was hit by a car or ingested chocolate our veterinarians are available to save their life right now.

Mating season can make pets run off or even become more aggressive if there are others of their species around.  To deal with this problem you should seek aid from a Norwalk vet that offers pet behavioral help and more.  Give our staff vets a call for behavioral help or veterinary surgery for spaying and neutering to permanently end their mating cycles.

We have someone on our staff able to help your pet with a wide range of health concerns.  This includes veterinary dentistry specialists able to aid in the prevention of oral health diseases along with veterinary dermatology experts to help with skin allergies.  Want to keep your pet healthy for a long while?  From youth to old age we offer checkups, pet nutrition tips and so much more.

The first and last call you need to make for a vet in Norwalk, CT is to VCA Veterinary Referral and Emergency Center.  We offer whatever care your pets need.  A call to (203) 807-8923 gets your pet help from one of our vets.

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Vet in Norwalk, CT
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