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Orthopedic Care 300 E. Cady Street Northville MI 48167 (248) 662-5989You can get experienced physical therapy in Northville, MI with a call to Northville Physical Rehabilitation. Dial (248) 662-5989 for a convenient appointment and a custom-designed treatment program. Established in 1986, we have experience with neurological therapy and work injury rehabilitation, for a full recovery and improved physical capabilities.

Call for help from our physical therapists when you have experienced an injury or need help with your physical disorder. We offer treatment for recovery from your strain, sprain or break, using the expert orthopedic care. If you suffer from neck, upper or lower back or joint pain, we can provide a plan of recovery that includes manual therapy, therapeutic exercise and assistance from a personal trainer.

With our Northville physical therapy, our therapists provide reliable treatment for patients of all ages and offer everything from sports injury therapy to the latest in geriatric rehab. In addition to an expert in sports medicine, we have an occupational therapist and speech therapist on staff to contribute to your recovery plan. If experiencing symptoms related to your neurological disorder, we can help with your Parkinson's, Huntington's or epilepsy, and much more.

Restore your health and gain greater mobility with physical therapy in Northville, MI. Phone Northville Physical Rehabilitation at (248) 662-5989 when you want an expert to accelerate your healing process. We are waiting; call now.

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Physical Therapy in Northville, MI
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