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Vet 3451 Elkhorn Boulevard North Highlands, CA 95660 (916) 426-9017 Choosing the right vet in North Highlands, CA is easy if you dial (916) 426-9017.  At VCA Highlands Animal Hospital your pet will be treated by experienced veterinarians able to offer a wide range of medical, dental and surgical services for all dogs and cats.  Are you concerned about fleas, ticks or other parasites?  We offer advanced flea and tick control to protect your pet.

Welcoming a new pet into the family is quite a large responsibility for anyone to take.  Early on you’ll want to take new pets to a North Highlands vet offering new puppy and kitten programs including necessary pet vaccinations.  We provide vaccines along with pet wellness checkups and animal weight management to help your pet stay healthy throughout their life.

Medical director Dr. Bill Faust and associate veterinarian Kris Andersen are dedicated to providing outstanding care to keep your pets happy and healthy.  You can schedule appointments for veterinary dental care to help prevent oral health problems or any routine veterinary surgery including spaying or neutering.  Is your pet suffering from a terminal illness?  We offer humane veterinary euthanasia to end their pain.

When you’re looking for a vet in N. Highlands, CA the place to call is VCA Highlands Animal Hospital.  Our vets will provide the care you dog or cat requires throughout their entire life cycle.  Call (916) 426-9017 to ensure you pet gets outstanding veterinary care.

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Vet in North Highlands, CA
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