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Physical Therapy 8926 Chesapeake Avenue North Beach MD (443) 964-1825NovaCare Rehabilitation provides physical therapy in North Beach, MD for patients of all ages.  One call to (443) 964-1825 will put you in touch with a team of PT specialists ready to help with injury and chronic pains regardless of where you’re in pain.  From geriatric physical therapy to treat arthritic joints to pediatric physical therapy to help injured young athletes, ours is the number to dial first.

Vertigo or other imbalance issues can be very serious, especially if an attack occurs when you’re driving or operating some piece of heavy machinery.  If you regularly suffer from bouts of intense dizziness, you ought to call North Beach physical therapy providers that specialize in vestibular rehabilitation to restore your sense of balance.  Contact our physical therapists to treat vertigo and many other neurological disorders.

Our staff has experience treating young kids, adults and seniors for a variety of injuries or pain-causing conditions.  This means you can seek out adult neuro rehabilitation after a spinal cord injury or get customized braces and other orthotics to help growing kids heal properly.  Are you hiring for a particularly difficult job?  We can offer physical fitness screenings to ensure you’re hiring the right people.

Make the right choice for physical therapy in N. Beach, MD with a call to NovaCare Rehabilitation.  We offer injury care, sports medicine therapies, chronic pain management and so much more.  Call (443) 964-1825 to get help from our certified therapists now.

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Physical Therapy in North Beach, MD
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