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Food for Diabetics 3857 Birch Street # 126 Newport Beach CA 92660 (888) 656-2958When it comes to nutritional supplements for diabetes in Newport Beach, CA, you can always rely on Tri-Betic, so call (888) 656-2958 today! We understand that those diagnosed as being diabetic are concerned about what to eat while managing their blood sugar levels. By providing the body with proper nutrition, exercise and a healthy diet , you can support a compromised blood sugar system and not drive up your morning blood sugar levels. We have the supplements to help with your proper diabetes diet, so call now for more information.

Tri-Betic has the specifically designed products and food for diabetics that can help support healthy blood sugar levels. When you are ready for a change, we offer a full meal replacement that focuses on you "getting healthy. " Our Tri-Meal shake contains a special blend of ingredients designed to support the body in its use of insulin. Not only does our diabetic protein shake have only 1. 5 grams of sugar for a low glycemic index, it is quick, satisfying and tastes great! As a full on meal to go, you get most of vitamins and minerals that you need in a great tasting way

In addition to our Tri-Meal shake, we have other diabetic products that are specifically designed to support both diabetics and pre diabetics. One supplement that we offer is Tri-Balance, a product that helps in the support of maintaining healthy insulin response and glucose levels. Take this balanced supplement along with your other meals to have a balanced diabetic diet throughout the day. You can also take Tri-Gest, a part of the Tri-Betic Diabetic Support System, which can help with your poor digestion and issues with bowel movements. We have you covered in terms of your complete nutritional plan.

With our three products, Tri-Meal, Tri-Balance and Tri-Gest, you can stay healthy. Tri-Betic has the nutritional products and supplements to help with your diabetes in Newport Beach, CA. Call us today at (888) 656-2958 and help your body get the nutrition it needs for diabetic support! First time buyers get 20% off their first purchase, so act fast.

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Diabetes in Newport Beach, CA
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