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Transmission Center 308 Giant Oak Avenue Newbury Park CA 91360 (805) 762-4755If you want one of the finest transmissions in Newbury Park, CA, be sure to contact Benders Automotive at (805) 762-4755. Established in 2003, our transmission doctor has made us the preferred service center of choice for your manual transmission. Stop by today and let us provide you with the diagnostic test you have been in need of.

Whether your automatic transmission has been slipping in-between gears or you just need basic transmission service, Benders is dedicated to providing the service you deserve. Our transmission shop offers all types of transmission repair and even specialize in preventative maintenance for your rebuilt transmission.

When you take your car to a national transmission center, do you feel welcomed? Most importantly, do you receive the individual attention and courtesy you feel you deserve? After all, if you need a transmission repair estimate, you may be looking at spending hundreds of dollars with that company.

That is why Benders Automotive has a reputation for unsurpassed customer service and attention to the sole reason you are here, your transmission. By calling us today at (805) 762-4755 for all of your transmissions in Newbury Park, CA. Whether you have a single vehicle, or an entire fleet, we are up to the task of keeping you completely satisfied with our service.

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Transmissions in Newbury Park, CA
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