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Vet 1360 Marrows Road Newark DE (302) 894-7746Your first choice for a vet in Newark, DE should be a call to (302) 894-7746 for an appointment at VCA Newark Animal Hospital.  We have a team of veterinarians across a wide range of veterinary care specialties giving you access to complete pet healthcare.  Whether you need care for cats and dogs or a small animal vet for rabbits and pocket pets, we’re ready to help.

Just like with humans, the cleaning and care of a dog or cat’s teeth is important in preventing serious health problems.  That is why when you take animals in for pet health exams, you’ll want to be sure the Newark vet you visit offers veterinary dentistry cleanings.  Give us a call about providing dentistry care for any dog or cat.

Our team of vets is ready to provide everything from new pet vaccinations to protect a new puppy against rabies and canine distemper along with veterinary surgery to neuter or spay a new kitten.  As a state-of-the-art pet hospital, we have the tools to provide many advanced veterinary care services including EKG monitoring, tonometry eye care and more.  Do you have a pet that is suffering?  We offer veterinary euthanasia to end their pain humanely.

Get in touch with a leading vet in Newark, DE by dialing our number at VCA Newark Animal Hospital.  We’re here to provide everyday pet care and emergency veterinary medical services.  Dial (302) 894-7746 to get in touch with our vets.

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Vet in Newark, DE
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