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Tutor 530 Peoples Plaza Newark DE (909) 237-8979You can find a tutor in Newark, DE for kids of all ages by dialing (909) 237-8979.  Sylvan Learning Center offers private tutoring programs for children in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade to help them better succeed in many different school subjects.  Whether they require a writing and reading tutor or help with ACT and SAT prep you can count on us to provide the help necessary.

For some students learning different areas of mathematics can be very difficult.  In order to help your child learn fractions, probability and statistics or other math courses you may want to find a Newark tutor able to offer individualized tutoring services where they need the most help.  Call our tutoring center to find a math tutor for a student in any grade.

You can trust us to help your child get past many difficulties they have with learning core subjects in school.  We can help with test prep tutoring including ACT prep as well as offer assistance with reading and mathematics at all levels.  Are you looking for a GED tutor?  One call here will get you the help needed to pass the GED exam.

Choosing where to call for a tutor in Newark, DE is easier than you may think.  Sylvan Learning Center will provide tutors in whatever subjects your child requires help learning.  A call to (909) 237-8979 puts you in touch with our professional tutors today.

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Tutor in Newark, DE
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