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Blue Hen Physical Therapy 1501 Casho Mill Road Newark DE (302) 266-1930Blue Hen Physical Therapy in Newark, DE offers aid relieving chronic pains naturally.  Just dial (302) 266-1930 and you’ll be able to schedule appointments with physical therapists ready to offer advanced care to end musculoskeletal pain throughout the body.  From hand therapy to relieve carpal tunnel pain to TMJ dysfunction treatments and more, we provide solutions to chronic body pains.

Sports injuries can be very difficult to heal from, especially for young kids.  If your kid is hurt, you should think about taking them to sports injury specialists that offer pediatric physical therapy services to aid young athletes with injury rehab.  A call to our Newark physical therapy clinic will put you in touch with children’s sports medicine experts to help kids heal safely and properly.

We want our number to be the first you dial if you ever want the aid of a certified physical therapist with any injury or chronic physical pains.  We can provide neuro rehabilitation sessions for those recovering from brain or spinal cord injuries along with orthopedic care for sprained ligaments or surgically repaired joints.  You just have to dial our number to speak with a caring PT specialist about what you need.

The one and only call to make for physical therapy in Newark, DE is right here.  Blue Hen Physical Therapy offers comprehensive and personalized rehab programs to relieve pain and help you recover from injury.  Call (302) 266-1930 to learn about our therapeutic treatment options.

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Physical Therapy in Newark, DE
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