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Animal Flea Control 230 Main Street New Paltz NY 12561 (845) 554-5878Check out our animal vet in New Paltz, NY by getting in touch with New Paltz Animal Hospital at (845) 554-5878. Here you can speak with our expert staff about whatever you'd like. We assist with reptiles, exotic birds, dogs, and cats, plus a lot more.

Do not rely on other vets who may not work with larger breeds. We work on small and large breeds so size isn't an issue with us. Let us be the first veterinarians you think of when your pet needs help.

We will make sure they feel as good as new with our holistic veterinary medicine approach. Avoid fleas all together by taking control now. If your dog or cat goes outside a lot, there is a good chance they may be at risk. Are you afraid of losing your pet again? Then microchipping is what you want. It is safe and easy as well as affordable. Other procedures we offer our patients are declawing and more.

So find out what you need to know by calling New Paltz Animal Hospital at (845) 554-5878 for the best animal vet in New Paltz, NY. It is our promise that you will be satisfied with our work and that furry, feathery, or scaly friend will be all better in no time at all. Call now for more details.

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Vet in New Paltz, NY
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