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Veterinary Surgery 105 Industrial Drive New Haven MO 63068 (573) 873-6997Dial (573) 299-0908 to find a vet in New Haven, MO that helps keep your pets healthy. At New Haven Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Michelle Schulte specializes in preventative care for all your pets. From veterinary dentistry cleanings to prevent oral problems to a whole series of pet vaccines, she is available to help your pets maintain long and healthy lives.

If your dog eats something they should not like chocolate or some foreign object, they will require immediate treatment. Find a New Haven vet that is on-call at an emergency veterinary hospital. Call us immediately, and we will be prepared to perform veterinary surgery to remove anything your pet may have eaten as soon as you arrive.

As an experienced veterinarian, Dr. Schulte is committed to providing outstanding pet care services. She offers animal microchipping to help identify your pets when they are lost, along with X-rays and in-house blood testing. Are you too busy to take your pet to a veterinarian office?Allow Dr. Schulte to provide veterinary house calls to provide required pet care on your schedule.

Give us a call at New Haven Veterinary Clinic to find a vet in New Haven, MO that specializes in preventative health care for animals. Dr. Michelle Schulte and her staff want to help your beloved animal friends stay healthy for a long time. Call (573) 299-0908 and check out our pet wellness programs today.

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Vet in New Haven, MO
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