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Animal Flea Control 28 Route 39 New Fairfield CT 06812 (203) 794-4894New Fairfield Animal Hospital at (203) 794-4894, is the vet in New Fairfield, CT you should call when anything is wrong with the pets you love. Our veterinarians provide superior care to help these beloved family members get well soon. From flea control to rid them of pests to declawing to stop cats from destroying your home, we are here to meet all your needs.

One of the latest technological advances when it comes to identifying and locating lost pets is microchipping. This allows you as a pet owner to track exactly where your dog or cat has gotten in to. A small animal vet from New Fairfield Animal Hospital can implant this type of device into your cat or dog with little to no pain. We provide total pet care from front to back.

Whether you need veterinary dentistry care to stop bad breath or spaying/neutering to stop them from running off when in heat, our staff can help. Even if you want to end the pain of a suffering animal friend, you can bring them to us for veterinary euthanasia.

Pets can quickly become a very important part of our lives. Since they deserve excellent care anytime, you need a vet in New Fairfield, CT that offers an emergency veterinary clinic to care for their needs immediately. New Fairfield Animal Hospital, at (203) 794-4894 should be your first and last call. We will help your pet fast.

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Vet in New Fairfield, CT
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