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Chiropractor 100 Route 37 New Fairfield, CT 06812 (203) 548-0837 You will find a chiropractor in New Fairfield, CT to end chronic or injury pain by dialing (203) 548-0837.  New Fairfield Health and Injury is ready to offer chiropractic traction therapy for back pain, injury pain treatments and much more.  Dr. Paul Ciatto and Dr. Craig Tilden are both experienced chiropractic physicians able to help find the cause of and end pain throughout your body.  Call for an appointment today.

Chronic joint pain from arthritis and other constant body aches can make it difficult to even get through the day.  One idea to consider for relieving these body pains is to visit a New Fairfield chiropractor ready to provide you with chronic pain management solutions.  Call our chiropractors to take advantage of chiropractic laser therapy for sore muscles and many other chronic pain treatments.

Here you will find a state-of-the-art clinic capable of offering advanced adult and pediatric chiropractic care.  You can seek us out for help with whiplash pain and other chiropractic treatment for injuries or if you’re interested in spinal decompression therapy to relieve pain-causing spinal stress.  Simply dial our number now and we will take care of you.

Where you call for a chiropractor in New Fairfield, CT is important.  New Fairfield Health and Injury is dedicated to helping you end or better manage injury and chronic pain.  Give us a call at (203) 548-0837 to reach Dr. Ciatto or Dr. Tilden today.

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Chiropractor in New Fairfield, CT
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