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Chiropractor 5237 Freeport Road Natrona Heights, PA 15065 (724) 680-0956Have you been looking for a hands-on chiropractor in Natrona Heights, PA to ease bothersome neck pain? Consult with Dr. Kathleen Hartford, D.C. by dialing (724) 680-0956 to obtain personalized pain treatment options from an experienced clinician. We take a practical approach to providing neck and back pain relief by using effective pain management techniques for sustained whole body healing.

It takes superior pain treatment methods to negate the effects of spinal nerve stress. With help from a compassionate Natrona Heights chiropractor, you can resolve your chronic pain by obtaining a natural source for wellness care. We use therapeutic exercise and chiropractic adjustments to facilitate the healing process by soothing intermittent pain.

Spinal degeneration can impact your health in a number of ways including causing widespread pain and deterioration of other musculoskeletal conditions. Our goal is to maximize your health by minimizing chronic pain and discomfort caused by injury or spinal nerve stress. For this reason, we tailor our pain treatment plan to meet your individual needs, based on your unique medical and physical condition.

Instead of accommodating your chronic pain, we find a solution that will provide the most effective back pain relief. Seek the services of a prominent chiropractor in Natrona Heights, PA by reaching out to Dr. Kathleen Hartford, D.C. at (724) 680-0956 right away. Give us a call today to obtain your complimentary chronic pain consultation and x-ray, reserved only for new patients.

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Chiropractor in Natrona Heights, PA
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