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Physical Therapy 1315 Macom D, Suite 103 Naperville IL (630) 446-0934The expert on children’s physical therapy in Naperville, IL is found with a call to (630) 446-0934.  Rick Rausch of Sovereign Pediatric Therapy is a physical therapist specializing in providing a wide range of sensory integration therapies to help kids of all ages with any developmental difficulties.  Does your son or daughter have problems with speaking properly?  We offer speech therapy to help kids learn to talk properly.

Many young kids suffer from some type of coordination disorders making it difficult for them to get around.  If your child suffers from this type of issue, you’ll need to find a Naperville physical therapy clinic that can offer the right pediatric physical therapy treatments.  We offer neuromuscular therapy and other treatment options for coordination, articulation and neuromuscular disorders.

Regardless of what problems your child is experiencing, Rick is the therapist you want to call first.  He offer aid for those suffering from cerebral palsy along with complete orthopedic care and so much more.  Was your kid injured while playing sports?  Personalized injury rehabilitation programs for kids of all ages are found right here.

The name to remember for physical therapy in Naperville, IL for kids of all ages is Sovereign Pediatric Therapy.  Rick Rausch is committed to helping your kids through many developmental and other disorders.  Call (630) 446-0934 to schedule an appointment for your kid today.

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Physical Therapy in Naperville, IL
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