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Vet 1416 W Giles Road Muskegon MI 49445 (231) 769-0977To reach a qualified vet in Muskegon, MI, all you have to do is dial (231) 769-0977 and talk to Northside Veterinary Hospital. Our reliable adult and senior pet care services are sure to meet your particular animal’s needs. We even offer puppy and kitten care and pet nutritional counseling, making us a truly well-rounded animal healthcare center. 
There are lots of preventative measures that can be taken to keep pets protected against illness and disease. One thing you can come to our Muskegon vet for is pet vaccinations, which are given at specific times of your animal’s life to prevent certain illnesses. We also offer pet dental care that includes teeth cleanings and oral exams.
We can offer pet parasite control products and treatments when you spot fleas or ticks on your dog, cat, or exotic animal. Come to us for animal microchipping and we will perform this simple veterinary surgery in one short visit. For injured and post-operative animals, we have pet pain management solutions.
Make sure you call Northside Veterinary Hospital at (231) 769-0977 and make an appointment with a vet in Muskegon, MI that truly cares. Our animal hospital has regular promotions, so remember to ask about our current specials when you talk to us. Call now and let us schedule a pet checkup.

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  • Animal Hospital
  • Pet Dental Care
  • Pet Nutritional Counseling
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  • Pet Pain Management
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Vet in Muskegon, MI
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