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Tutor 1172 Oakland Market Road Ste 12 Mount Pleasant SC 29407 (949) 491-1630Send your child to a qualified tutor in Mount Pleasant, SC to improve their quality of learning by calling (949) 491-1630. Everyone at Sylvan Learning Center of Mount Pleasant is equipped to provide students with the tools to perform better in the classroom and be able to access information with ease. Our tutoring services are tailored to each individual student, so call us whether you need a reading or math tutor. 

At our tutoring center, your child will be matched with a local Mount Pleasant tutor that can assist them with any subject. Reading out loud in front of the class is a commonly expressed concern. Your new reader can have individual practice time with a reading tutor to improve reading speed, confidence, and comprehension. We offer many tailored solutions including sessions with a GED tutor. 

Private tutoring is not only for single subject help. Sylvan has many test prep options that can build up student's confidence in their ability to access information on test day. We will make sure they have all the tools to do great on test day and reap the benefits that come from important college readiness exams. 

Call (949) 491-1630 today to get started with SAT prep or ACT prep at Sylvan Learning Center of Mt. Pleasant, SC. We look forward to setting you up with a tutor in Mt. Pleasant, SC. Call now!

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Tutor in Mount Pleasant, SC
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