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Animal Flea Control 17591 Frederick Road Mount Airy MD 21771 (240) 394-1789If you need a professional vet in Mount Airy, MD, make a call to Country Veterinary Hospital at (240) 394-1789 and trust your pet to the veterinarians who care the most about the health and general well-being of your animal. Maintaining the health of your pet is easy when you schedule regular checkups. Make an appointment today and let your pet's health be our concern.

We are happy to offer animal flea control and we can provide services such as declawing. As a small animal vet, we are used to caring for even the littlest creatures, and not just large animals such as horses. We can help you keep track of your pet through animal microchipping. Our facility also provides veterinary dentistry to ensure the cleanliness and health of your pet's teeth and gums.

Among our long list of other services, we can provide quick and humane veterinary euthanasia. When the decision to put your pet down due to poor quality of life or terminal illness comes up, let us perform the procedure with care and respect.

When looking for a vet Mount Airy, MD, place your call to Country Veterinary Hospital at (240) 394-1789 and let us take care of your pet's health needs. From veterinary surgery to typical practices like spaying/neutering, we are ready to make the choice simple when you are considering your pet's health needs.

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Vet in Mount Airy, MD
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