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Physical Therapy 1590 Adamson Parkway Morrow GA 30260 (770) 854-1704Obtain physical therapy in Morrow, GA to facilitate the healing process by dialing (770) 854-1704 to set up a physical rehabilitation assessment. Emory Rehabilitation Outpatient Center is a trusted provider of physical reconditioning services including sports medicine training and work injury recovery. We utilize structured treatment plans personalized to your unique needs to promote effective recovery and chronic pain management.

It takes more than rest and relaxation to facilitate a speedy post-surgical recovery. Our Morrow physical therapy center provides rehabilitative and productive physical reconditioning programs that maximize physical function and promotes better overall well-being. Our physical therapists create balanced orthopedic therapy programs that include therapeutic exercise to target weakened muscles and improve stability.

Many work injuries are severe enough to require physical reconditioning to restore you to pre-injury status. With workers compensation rehabilitation, you obtain fitness and pain management training to improve your functional capacity. We begin by creating a challenging program to retrain your body to perform required duties, and may include low impact aquatic therapy for progressive healing.

Even when painful conditions have been resolved with surgery, you need a specialized physical rehabilitation program to return to your desired level of comfort. Call on Emory Rehabilitation Outpatient Center at (770) 854-1704 to establish a strategic plan for physical therapy in Morrow, GA. Contact our inspired sports medicine experts by dialing our number today.

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Physical Therapy in Morrow, GA
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