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Chiropractor 14815 Chain Lake Road Ste J Monroe, WA 98272 (360) 824-5093Personalized care from a chiropractor in Monroe, WA is found at Healthy Family Chiropractic.  Dialing (360) 824-5093 lets you schedule an appointment with Dr. Rod Dahlinger or Dr. Andrew Sommer to get care specific to your needs for injuries, chronic pains and more.  Are you having back problems?  Ask about spinal decompression therapy and adjustments to relieve these pains today.

Injuries, no matter where or how they’re sustained, can be quite painful until your body fully heals.  If you want a better pain management solution while healing it helps if you call a Monroe chiropractor specializing in chiropractic treatment for injuries.  Give us a call to arrange personalized auto accident, work or sports injury rehabilitation with our doctors.

One call to our chiropractic physicians will get you outstanding care for joint, shoulder, back or even neck pain.  We offer a variety of holistic treatments including chiropractic traction therapy along with general family wellness care to improve your overall health.  From adults dealing with chronic pain to pediatric chiropractic care for injured kids, here is where you should call first.

Choosing the right chiropractor in Monroe, WA is easy if you remember to call us at Healthy Family Chiropractic.  Dr. Rod Dahlinger and Dr. Andrew Sommer are experienced chiropractors ready to help your entire family.  Call (360) 824-5093 to receive treatments specific to your needs today.

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Chiropractor in Monroe, WA
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