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Vet 18441 Miramar Parkway Miramar FL 33029 (954) 210-4426End the search for a caring vet in Miramar, FL at Sunset Lakes Animal Clinic. One call to (954) 210-4426 puts you in touch with Dr. Mary Schooley, a veterinarian with over 30 years of experience offering complete veterinary care to help keep the animals you and your family love happy and healthy. Dial our number to schedule an appointment today.

Overweight dogs and cats are just as susceptible to ailments like heart disease or diabetes.  If your furry friend is getting too big, you may want to speak with a Miramar vet that has a variety of prescription pet foods to help with pet weight management.  We carry Hill’s® Science Diet and other top quality pet foods that can help keep your pet’s weight down.

Dr. Schooley is ready to offer everything from veterinary dental cleanings, which prevent periodontal disease, to pet parasite control of fleas, ticks and heartworms. Our veterinary surgery suites each have state-of-the art patient monitoring equipment, allowing us to offer spaying and neutering or a variety of other procedures.  A quick call is all it will take to ensure your pets get the best care.

Make the right choice for a vet in Miramar, FL by calling on Sunset Lakes Animal Clinic.  Dr. Mary Schooley will care for dogs, cats and other pets, offering medical, dental and surgical care.  Dialing (954) 210-4426 will take care of your pet’s healthcare.

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Vet in Miramar, FL
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