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SME Medical Management, formerly Serenity Medical Evaluations near Mira Loma, CA is a compassionate group of individual licensed Doctor's who gives people suffering in pain medical marijuana recommendations. Call us at (888) 776-5524, or visit online or in person at 3845 La Sierra Ave. Suite 200 D in Riverside, CA or 3757 Riverside Dr. Chino, CA 91710. When you come to SME Medical Management, you will get a thorough health evaluation and can receive a legal medical marijuana recommendation. A medical marijuana recommendation proves that you are legally permitted to use medical marijuana as an alternative medicine.

Many MD's or DO's suggest to their patients, such as cancer sufferers, to turn to the use of medical cannabis to help ease the physical pain and to help with severe weight loss. However, most of these MD's or DO's are not willing or authorized to give you a medical marijuana recommendation. When this happens in the Inland Empire, you can turn to SME Medical Management. We have compassionate associates in our office who will give you the care and respect you deserve in order to get the alternative treatment you need. The use of medical marijuana has been proven to help, but not cure symptoms of AIDS, anorexia, cancer, arthritis, and migraines. Turn to the professionals at SME Medical Management by calling (888) 776-5524.

If you need a medical marijuana doctor in Mira Loma, CA, call us now. Do not be uncertain of the office in which you receive your legal medical marijuana card. SME Medical Management is a trustworthy and legal way to obtain your medical marijuana recommendation.

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Medical Marijuana Doctor in Mira Loma, CA