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Orthopedic Care 4075 Wuebker Road Minster OH 45865 (419) 827-8984When slow healing requires a physical therapy in Minster, OH, choose Community Sports & Therapy Center. Dial (419) 827-8984 and our dedicated doctors will provide you with the caring treatment to help alleviate your chronic pain. Call our facility today and we will get you moving toward a goal of a pain free day, every day.

For advanced orthopedic care that will give you relief from fibromyalgia or weakened muscles that need extra support, our physical therapists are qualified to fill the gap. With an extensive array of modalities to ensure that your condition improves, our Minster physical therapy team is committed to your progress in agility and endurance. From gentle aquatic therapy suited for low impact revitalizing of delicate tissues to certified hand therapy, we are the only team you need to turn to.

We are also prime providers of sports medicine, keeping athletes able to play by teaching injury prevention while promoting faster healing of injuries. Keep your competitors on their toes defending against your increased strength and stamina that comes from our custom orthotics and therapeutic treatment. With regular procedures to keep your muscles trained and toned correctly, you will be able to compete harder.

For the most trusted injury rehabilitation that our physical therapy in Minster, OH provides, do not delay in contacting our clinic. Call (419) 827-8984  for the pros at Community Sports & Therapy Center. We will help you get your abilities back up to par.

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Physical Therapy in Minster, OH
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