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Physical Therapy 1465 County Road 101 N Minneapolis MN (763) 220-7992Are you in search of physical therapy in Minneapolis, MN to help manage chronic pains?  Dialing (763) 220-7992 will put you in touch with NovaCare Rehabilitation – Plymouth, a leading provider of manual therapy to aid patients in reducing chronic condition pains.  We offer TMJ dysfunction treatments, arthritis care and many other treatments to help you live a life without pain.

Injuries at work will often keep you off the job and unable to earn your full income.  In today’s perilous economic times, you will want to get into a workers comp rehabilitation program that will aid your recovery and fast return to work.  One call to our Minneapolis physical therapy clinic will provide you with orthopedic care and more by physical therapists specializing in work injury rehab.

No matter why you’re in pain, our team is dedicated to providing a treatment that will relieve it without causing adverse side-effects.  You can reach us for sports medicine therapies to treat tennis elbow and other injuries or arrange geriatric physical therapy to manage the pains of getting old.  Do you require knee or other musculoskeletal braces?  Call us about orthotics therapy to treat any pain these devices cause.

Make the right choice for physical therapy in Minneapolis, MN by calling us at NovaCare Rehabilitation – Plymouth.  We take care of whatever is causing you pain to improve overall physical wellness.  Call us at (763) 220-7992 and get started on a PT program now.

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Physical Therapy in Minneapolis, MN
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