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Vet 244 Herricks Road Mineola NY 11501 (516) 515-1984The call to make for a vet in Mineola, NY is to Garden City Veterinary Care. By dialing (516) 515-1984, you’ll be able to ensure the animals your family loves get the best possible preventative, general and advanced veterinary care services.  From animal vaccines against rabies and other disease to advanced veterinary dermatology care to eliminate flea, ticks and other parasites, ours is the number you want to dial now.

Parasites, like fleas and ticks, can cause an animal to scratch constantly or even pass on serious diseases to your pet. To protect dogs and cats from such infestations, you’ll want to call a Mineola vet specializing in pet parasite control and prevention treatments. One call to our veterinarians will take care of internal and external pet parasite problems.

You can count on us to offer comprehensive care to prevent and treat illness or injury in your beloved pet.  Our services include veterinary laser therapy to manage chronic pains, pet nutrition tips for animals young and old or even veterinary surgery to fix internal injuries.  Is your pet too ill to bring to our office?  Call about veterinary house calls to have your pet treated at home.

Ending your search for the right vet in Mineola, NY is easy.  Garden City Veterinary Care offers unmatched service to care for the pets you and your family love.  Simply dial (516) 515-1984 to get our vets to care for your pet.

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Vet in Mineola, NY
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