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Animal Boarding 1390 Hwy 88 Minden NV 89423 (775) 309-1936As you look for a vet in Minden, NV, Carson Valley Veterinary Hospital should be the one to call at (775) 309-1936. Our veterinarians dedicate themselves to making sure that your family pets receive the best health care available to them through caring and compassionate veterinarians.

Though we are a small animal vet, we provide for our patients like they were our own. Even when you need to go on vacation, we offer animal boarding to making sure that your pet feels that they too are on a vacation with the personal attention they receive. Every year thousands of pets go missing and can not be returned to their owners, so animal microchipping is a safe and effective way to avoid this tragedy. If you are a cat owner, declawing them might be an option, to ensure that your couch stays in one piece.

Oral hygiene is an important part of maintaining your pet's health, as they can also develop diseases of their gums just like humans can, so our veterinary dentistry makes sure to examine and treat problems before they begin. To help curb the already overpopulated shelters, we offer spaying/neutering for your pet. We have also recently added for our patients an emergency veterinary clinic, to help make sure that when you need us the most, we are there for you.

If you are looking at a new vet in Minden, NV, give a call to Carson Valley Veterinary Hospital today at (775) 309-1936. We understand the importance that pets have in our lives and want to make sure that they stay in our lives as long as possible.

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Vet in Minden, NV
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