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Tutor 14623 Se Mcloughlin Blvd Milwaukie OR 97267 (866) 280-0534Choosing the right tutor in Milwaukie, OR for your child is easy.  Just dial (866) 280-0534 and Sylvan Learning Center will provide your child with tutoring services to improve grades in math, reading and other core subjects.  Do you want test prep help before a GED exam?  Contact our GED tutor to review science, social studies and other tested subjects.

Math and reading classes are two your kids will see from elementary through high school in one form or another.  If they ever start to struggle you will want to reach out to a Milwaukie tutor at a tutoring center able to offer programs for students at all grade levels.  We can provide a math tutor, a reading tutor and more to kids in pre-K through 12th grade.

We’re focused on offering each child the private tutoring necessary to help them through many in-class learning problems.  You can call us to help them in higher math like geometry or algebra and for aid in improving reading vocabulary or comprehension skills.  Got a kid getting ready for college?  We offer SAT prep and ACT prep tutoring to help them achieve great test scores.

The first and last call you’ll make for a tutor in Milwaukie, OR should be to Sylvan Learning Center.  Our tutors have experience and a commitment to helping each child succeed.  Call us at (866) 280-0534 to discuss your child’s needs today.

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Tutor in Milwaukie, OR
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