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Serenity Wellness Spa & Salon believes that physical therapy in Milledgeville, GA is meant to benefit the client above all. (478) 273-0926 is the number to call for a traditional physical therapy clinic with a non-traditional setting. Our wonderful physical therapists dedication is to providing you unparalleled relief from arthritis or other conditions within our comfortable and private atmosphere.

With over 30 years of experience, our clinical services have been sharpened to an exact art that provides real relief for our clients. Just as you can choose your doctor, you can choose where you obtain your Milledgeville physical therapy. Join our long list of satisfied clients and choose Serenity for relief ranging from gait training to manual therapy. Our massage therapy can be an alternative cure for muscle rehabilitation that excludes medication. From migraines to joint pain, therapeutic exercise has proven itself as a legitimate remedy for many bodily aches. Find relief through proper balance training to remedy or manage shoulder pain or neck pain related to accidents or pre-existing conditions.

Call (478) 273-0926 today for physical therapy in Milledgeville, GA from trained therapists that can identify your ailment and provide noticeable relief. At Serenity Wellness Spa & Salon, we practice postural re-education, balance training and massage therapy to relieve muscle and joint pain without the help of debilitating medication or forceful adjustments. Call today and learn how physical therapy is a great solution to live a pain free life once more.

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Physical Therapy in Milledgeville, GA
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