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Foot Orthotics 1913 Heritage Boulevard Midland TX 79707 (432) 242-2316Are you trying to find a comprehensive podiatrist in Midland, TX?Then give West Texas Foot & Ankle Association a call at (432) 242-2316. We offer a wide variety of services and treatment options for patients both young and old. Whether you are looking for foot orthotics for better stability or require podiatric surgery to correct a problem, contact our office today for a leader in podiatric orthopedics.

Many people enjoy playing a wide range of sports and may receive injuries in the process. Luckily, we offer podiatric sports therapy to rehabilitate your foot or ankle, allowing you to continue in your active lifestyle. Many injuries to the lower extremities are not only caused by physical trauma, but can be caused by arthritis or diabetes. As such, we have diabetic shoes that are custom made to your feet in order to help with mobility and stability. These can be used in conjunction with custom orthotics which help to compensate for a weakness, correct podiatric deformities, and help to avoid potential injuries.

When you are trying to find relief from a podiatrist in Midland, TX, you need to call West Texas Foot & Ankle Association. Do not wait for your foot pain to become unbearable before you seek treatment. Just dial (432) 242-2316 and make an appointment with our experienced foot doctor for the relief you deserve.

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Podiatrist in Midland, TX
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