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Vet 1943 S Woodland Avenue Michigan City IN 46360 (219) 232-8913You can reach a vet in Michigan City, IN that treats pets of all ages by dialing (219) 232-8913.  The Animal Clinic of Michigan City is dedicated to providing the best in young, adult, and senior animal wellness care to keep the pets you love healthy.  Dr. Scott Baldwin is an experienced veterinarian ready to offer advanced medical, dental, and surgical care when you call today.
Preventing illness in your pets will help them to live longer lives at your side.  To deal with parasites like flea, ticks, and heartworms or internal health problems you’ll want to contact a Michigan City vet that offers pet parasite control and other preventative services.  Call us about flea and tick control, veterinary dental care to prevent orthodontic problems, and much more.
In one quick call you will find a mammal and reptile vet ready to care for all the animals in your home.  We offer animal microchipping to make locating and identifying animals easier, along with veterinary surgery to spay or neuter your pet.  Can’t bring your animals to our clinic?  Ask about veterinary house calls by dialing our number now.
Make the right call for a vet in Michigan City, IN by calling us at the Animal Clinic of Michigan City.  Dr. Baldwin and his staff are ready to care for your beloved pet.  Call (219) 232-8913 to schedule your pet’s first appointment today.

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Vet in Michigan City, IN
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