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Vet 15 Lowell Street Methuen MA 01844 (978) 620-0652Your first call for a vet in Methuen, MA is best made to (978) 620-0652. At Methuen Veterinary Hospital, we have a team of animal healthcare specialists able to care for dogs, cats, guinea pigs and many other small animals.  Do you own a snake or some species of lizard?  We have veterinarians on staff ready to offer any necessary reptile vet services.

Protecting family pets against internal illness and external parasites will help them to live long, healthy lives. When you first get a new pet in the house, be sure to take them to see a Methuen vet that offers all needed animal vaccines along with advanced pet parasite control.  We offer vaccinations, flea, tick and heartworm control plus aid with pet weight management to keep animals healthy.

One call here will provide all your beloved animals with outstanding care for any health problem.  This includes veterinary dentistry care to help prevent oral diseases along with advanced veterinary care to fight cancer in dogs or cats.  Was your dog hit by a car?  We provide emergency veterinary care to hopefully save your pet’s life.

The best call you can make for a vet in Methuen, MA is to our number below.  Doctors from Methuen Veterinary Hospital will aid your pets with medical, dental and other health concerns.  Dial (978) 620-0652 whenever your pet needs a doctor.

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Vet in Methuen, MA
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