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Animal Flea Control 837 Sibley Memorial Highway Mendota Heights MN 55118 (651) 317-8349Need a vet in Mendota Heights, MN?Pick up the phone and call Parkview Cat Clinic at (651) 317-8349. Established in 1988, and the first "cats only" clinic in the St. Paul area, our goal is to provide progressive, quality care for cats.

We encourage preventative care, and as needed, we provide cutting-edge medical care. We suggest annual physical exams for your feline companion. These examinations can detect little problems that if left unchecked, can develop into greater problems down the road. Your cat should also receive all age appropriate vaccinations, along with animal flea control treatments. A wellness exam for your pet should also include veterinary dentistry services. Keeping your cat's teeth clean prevents bad breath, plaque buildup, gingivitis, and tooth loss.

If your cat requires medical care, our facility offers diagnostic services like digital radiology and ultrasonography. Our veterinary medical specialties include orthopedic and complex soft tissue surgeries. We also offer some of the more common routine surgeries such as spaying and neutering. Our licensed veterinarians also perform declawing and animal microchipping procedures.

As your cat gets older every year, you may be faced with the very difficult and personal decision of euthanasia. We are here to assist you during this process. Feel fee to inquire about the details of veterinary euthanasia. Still need a large or small vet in Mendota Heights, MN? Then contact Parkview Cat Clinic at (651) 317-8349 for the best services in town.

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Vet in Mendota Heights, MN
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