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Vet 1262 Getwell Road Memphis TN 38111 (901) 244-3898If you want to reach a vet in Memphis, TN, dial (901) 244-3898 for Get Well Animal Hospital. Our experts in animal medicine can provide a diverse range of services. When you want to find general veterinary care from a responsible team of vets, we are the business to get in touch with, so pick up the phone and give us a call to discuss your pet’s needs.
When it comes to finding a small animal vet, you can feel good about reaching out to us knowing we are qualified to treat many health conditions that affect cats and dogs. Our veterinary dentistry treatments can prevent dental problems from affecting pets, while routine pet health exams give us a chance to detect signs of illness early on. You can also turn to our Memphis vet for pet vaccinations for new puppies. 
Looking for someone to handle animal surgery? We do surgical procedures right in our facility and will take every precaution to keep pets safe while we complete the task. We accept check, credit and debit payments.
Stop waiting to contact Get Well Animal Hospital at (901) 244-3898 if you need to reach a vet in Memphis, TN. Thanks to our talented team of friendly veterinarians, animals will always feel welcome at our facility. Call our pet hospital now to find out how we can assist you with pet wellness care.

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Vet in Memphis, TN
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