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Karate 9140 Dickey Dr. Mechanicsville VA 23116 (804) 730-0905Extra activities are always great for kids. Sign your kids up with Richmond Traditional Martial Arts in Mechanicsville, VA by calling (804) 730-0905. When you want your child to learn discipline while having a good time, we will be there for you. Get them involved with a martial arts program and teach them self defense and discipline. We will not just help you strengthen your body; we will help with your mental stamina and confidence. Call and sign up for our alternative to after school care.

Although our training may be strenuous and challenging, it is always a place where you and your children can have fun. We have years of experience and training in Tae Kwon Do, Jiu Jitsu, Muy Thai, Kendo, Krav Maga and Kickboxing. With a well trained master at your side, your children can learn about group dynamics and take responsibility for their education. Whether you want kickboxing fitness,

With responsible male and female role models, our students get the benefits of an after school program that supports your child's education. Through RTMA's After School Program, your child will be picked up from school, given a snack and will have organized break periods and martial arts instruction. To top it all off, more than 80% of our youngsters who take part in our after-school program make honor roll! Children's Martial Arts can help.

Allow your child to be part of RTMA Martial Arts in Mechanicsville, VA. We will help your child develop their fitness and confidence in a supervised, safe and well mannered environment. Every child deserves guidance, attention, coaching and interaction. When your kid joins our RTMA programs, you can rest assured that they will grow both mentally and physically. Call us today at (804) 730-0905 and sign your children up for the after school program and you can count on.

We give you the courage to change.

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Martial Arts in Mechanicsville, VA
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