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Physical Therapy 100-2 Bringler Dr Maumelle, AR 72113 (501) 404-5118 Are you looking for physical therapy in Maumelle, AR after a sports-related injury?  Then dial (501) 404-5118 for an appointment at the Physical Therapy institute and take advantage of a completely personalized sports injury therapy program.  At our sports medicine clinic you’ll partner with experienced, certified therapists here to help you through the entire injury rehab process.

As we age things like arthritis, back pains and other problems seem to creep up more frequently than just a few years ago.  If you’re dealing with arthritic joints you should think about visiting Maumelle physical therapy specialists able to offer a variety of geriatric physical therapy programs designed to help alleviate your joint pain.  A call to our physical therapists will help you find relief from chronic pain.

No matter why you need physical or occupational therapy you can count on us to provide individual attention to your specific needs.  Our workers comp rehabilitation program includes complete work injury rehab along with return-to-work conditioning to help you avoid re-injury.  Simply dial our number above to learn about how we can help you recover from physical injuries.

The place to go for physical therapy in Maumelle, AR is the Physical Therapy Institute.  Since 2009 we have provided superior quality care to patients of all ages.  One call to (501) 404-5118 puts you in touch with a physical therapist today.

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Physical Therapy in Maumelle, AR
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