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Security System Massapequa NY (631) 576-4411The best in home security in Massapequa,NY is yours when you call Electronix System Central Alarms at (631) 576-4411. Our technology sets the standard in many areas, making greater safety possible in ways you may have never thought of. We protect your home without the use of a landline when needed, let you monitor your burglar alarm while you are away from home and more.

A surveillance system is only as good as the persons monitoring it. That is why you want our UL listed and approved central station on the job. Our CCTV systems and service are affordable, and there for you at all times.complementing our quality Honeywell Security systems is a variety of products and devices that help us give you full protection. Things like carbon monoxide detectors are vital to true home safety.

Let Electronix System Central Alarms advise you of your options, and areas that need special attention. Call us today at (631) 576-4411 ; we are available 24/7. Protecting the quality of life on Long Island, we are the place for answers to your questions about a security camera, access control, and all things relating to home security in Massapequa, NY.

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Home Security in Massapequa, NY