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Veterinarian 480 County Road 520 Marlboro NJ 07746 (732) 444-2083Enjoy a healthier life for your pet with our vet in Marlboro, NJ. Brook Meadow Veterinary Hospital at (732) 444-2083 offers a small animal vet and bird vet to help provide a long, vigorous life for your family's special animal. We provide a cutting-edge veterinary facility and a trained veterinarian and staff to attend to the preventative care, internal medicine and animal surgery needs of your pet.

Our Marlboro vet comes with the latest radiology technology, a well-stocked pharmacy and our state-of-the-art animal hospital. Bring your new pet to our clinic for their initial exam. We offer a thorough evaluation of your puppy or kitten, provide their initial animal vaccines and any animal flea control measures they may need. If your animal suffers no illness or disease, you may just see us for their thorough annual exam, with administration of their ongoing vaccines and animal dental needs.

Our hospital specializes in surgical procedures for your dog or cat. We handle feline declawing, spaying/neutering procedures and prevention of animal loss with microchipping services. Working closely with other local vets in the event a special procedure is required, our goal is to help restore your pet's health and vitality and achieve full recovery.

Your pet deserves a trained vet in Marlboro, NJ. Call (732) 444-2083 now for an appointment with Brook Meadow Veterinary Hospital. Receive the education that can contribute to your animal's healthy lifestyle; call today.

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Vet in Marlboro, NJ
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