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Physical Therapy 2977A Manchester Road Manchester MD (443) 684-2910Do you need physical therapy in Manchester, MD to manage chronic aches and pains?  Then dial (443) 684-2910 to reach Physiotherapy Associates, a leading provider of chronic pain management solutions to patients of all ages.  Whether you require geriatric physical therapy for arthritis or aid with other chronic conditions, our therapists are waiting to relieve your pain.

Working with your hands on a day-to-day basis can leave them in pain, especially if you develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or joint problems in your hands.  Probably the most effective way to deal with such problems is to work with physical therapists able to provide the necessary hand therapy to relieve your pain and deal with any damage to your hands or wrists.  Our workers comp rehabilitation team is here to help with work-related hand pain and more.

Our Manchester physical therapy team will take care of our patients seriously and will always offer the best possible treatments for your individual situation.  We can provide orthopedic care for everything from ankle to shoulder pain along with neuro rehabilitation for brain or spinal cord injuries.  From sports medicine treatments to chronic pain, we’re here to help you now.

The best call you can make for physical therapy in Manchester, MD is to Physiotherapy Associates.  Whether you’re injured or just in pain, our therapists are here to help.  Call (443) 684-2910 to reach our pain specialists today.

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Physical Therapy in Manchester, MD
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