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The first call for a vet in Macedon, NY should be to Macedon Veterinary Care. Dial (315) 333-0970 and our veterinarians will take care of the medical, dental and surgical needs of all your beloved family pets. Whether you have ailing dogs and cats or require a small animal vet for pocket pets, we are available to help now.

Anyone with a cat knows how they love to sharpen their claws on furniture, carpets, draperies and just about everything else in the house. To stop this from happening permanently, you will want to take your kitten to a Macedon vet that offers cat declawing. Our vets will humanely declaw cats and dogs or handle any other veterinary surgery like spaying or neutering.

We are here to keep the pets that are part of your family happy and healthy throughout their lives. Our staff can assist with veterinary dentistry care to prevent plaque buildup that leads to gum disease and perform compassionate veterinary euthanasia for terminally ill pets. Do you want an easy way to locate a lost pet? Then ask about animal microchipping services when you call today.

Macedon Veterinary Care is where you will find a vet in Macedon, NY to care for all your pets. We treat ailments and injuries as well as provide flea and tick control products. Call us at (315) 333-0970 if your pets require medical care now.

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Vet in Macedon, NY
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