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Physical Therapy 1561 Route 38 W Lumberton, NJ 08048 (609) 534-0371 NovaCare offers quality physical therapy in Lumberton, NJ for those suffering from chronic pain.  Just dial (609) 534-0371 and you will reach physical therapists specializing in chronic pain management.  Whether you wish the latest in arthritis treatments or suffer from temporomandibular joint pain you can count on our therapists to provide you with lasting relief.

Sports injuries can take quite some time to heal from if not properly rehabilitated, especially those requiring surgery to fix.  When you’re severely hurt in a game or practice you’ll want to visit a sports medicine clinic staffed by Lumberton physical therapy specialists for help working and strengthening the injured part of your body.  Give us a call to arrange a sports injury rehabilitation program specific to your needs.

No matter why you’re in pain our staff is determined to provide holistic treatments that alleviate or completely end it.  We offer pediatric physical therapy to help young kids dealing with growth concerns along with orthopedic care for tendon and ligament injuries.  Are you looking to strengthen an injured limb under less stress?  Ask about aquatic therapy by calling us right now.

The best call you’ll ever make for physical therapy in Lumberton, NJ is to NovaCare.  Our therapists work with you individually to help you relieve whatever pain you’re experiencing.   Schedule your initial consultation with a call to (609) 534-0371 today.

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Physical Therapy in Lumberton, NJ
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